Located in the heart of Richmond Hill, PVP Sports is currently one of the largest entertainment facility, boasting nearly 22,000 square feet of recreational space for you and your team to enjoy. We offer Bubble Soccer, Archery Tag, and Nerf Gun Wars all under one roof and we pride ourselves in hosting the most intense and fun games which will challenge your team to break a sweat in a new way. 

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How many people needed for corporate discount?
We service 8-150 participants, but will need minimum of 40 people to provide corporate discounts.

Will you stay within our budget?
After we have a thorough discussion as to the end result of your event, the goals of your event, we will review the budget and make adjustments if needed to. Once we’ve agreed to the budget – all efforts on our part is to stay with our promise.

Can we provide our own catering services? 
Of course you are able to! We ask that you also bring in your own cutlery and advise us ahead of time.